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"Be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love".

1 Corinthians 16 vs 13-14

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Year 6 - Wolf

Whilst the rest of Stormbreaker are away in the Isle of Wight, we have been doing a variety of activities related to the Olympics. However, today we have been building dens in the eco area.


This term, we have completed the dreaded SATs after all our hard work. We have also been making great improvements in our writing, culminating in our study of Macbeth. 

We have begun preparing the Dig for Victory garden in readiness for the autumn term topic, that next year's Year 6 children will undertake. 

Everyone is also looking forward to the residential to the Isle of Wight and the end of year production - Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies. Songs can be found below so that children can practise these over half term.

Sherwood Forest

Helping Hand

Men in Tights

He Will Be A Hero

If We All Work Together

Men in Tights (reprise)

Singing All Over The World


Welcome to Wolf


This month, we have been looking at polar explorers and in particular, Ernest Shackleton. The children have enjoyed learning about his incredible journey across Antarctica. Additionally, we have been creating line drawings to captured the 'character' of a polar explorer's face!

We have been exploring different mathematical concepts recently including volume.


We are looking forward to an eventful and hard working term.This term our topics will be Frozen Kingdoms and Gallery Rebels. During these, the children will be learning about the Arctic and Antarctica, Titanic, polar explorers and modern artists. Obviously, the children will be preparing this term for the SATs. Expectations have been increased by the government and we will be preparing the children for these as best we can. Homework will be focussed on the key areas of the curriculum. A letter explaining how this will be implemented can be found below. Papers and work can be found there too weekly, so if your child forgets to bring their homework home, it can be downloaded from there. 

This term we will be learning about what life was like in World War 2, World War 1 and about The Circulatory System. Already we have had a fantastic day at Beaumanor Hall, experiencing life as an evacuee. We decoded messages, learned about rationing and what went on during air raids.

Later in the term we will be visiting Warning Zone, where we will learn about choices we will have to make as we become teenagers and beyond.


Towards the end of the first half term, we have harvested the vegetables in our Dig for Victory garden and cooked ration recipes using these. trench stew was definitely not a favourite! However, the pumpkin soup was more popular. 


Today, was our Remembrance Assembly. We focussed on World War 1 and how devastating a conflict it was. We sang songs, read poetry: The Call, In Memoriam and Glad That I Killed Yer. The children performed brilliantly and should be really proud of themselves. Additionally, they have produced some beautiful pieces of artwork on the theme of The British Legion.


Over the last two weeks, Leicester Tigers have been coaching the children in rugby skills and also in developing life skills, including teamwork. 


We will be giving creative homework every two weeks. We would like the children to be imaginative in the way they carry this out as well as being rigorous.

The children will also be given a spelling pattern to learn each week. These will be patterns that they are not using in their writing or have been identified as missing gaps from assessments.

Additionally, we will be giving the children a password to access different websites to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar.

The expectation for reading is that children will read at least a book per month. Reading stamina is a key skill to develop this year so that the children develop a better understanding of texts and can discuss these in greater depth.

All children are expected to practise their times tables up to 12x and know these thoroughly by the first week of half term. Please use the weblinks to go to fun games that help reinforce their knowledge.

Dissecting Hearts, Warning Zone, French Day and Christmas Party


Dig for Victory

Beaumanor Evacuee Day

The Short Life of Anne Frank Part 1

The Short Life of Anne Frank Part 2