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"Be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love".

1 Corinthians 16 vs 13-14

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


Our approach at the St Mary's C of E first starts with acknowledging that spirituality will be a different experience for all individuals and that pupils will be at different stages of their own journey.


Offering spiritual experiences at school for different world views and faiths, will allow our pupils to understand how they see life as a whole. Spirituality will offer space for reflection, appreciation, and an opportunity to grow together. This space will be open-ended and undetermined and will allow our pupils the autonomy to lead their own independent thinking whilst developing a sense of self, alongside the strength gleaned from their peers. As a school, we see this opportunity for personal growth as an imperative part of the learning experience, securing resilience and self-belief in the young people in our care.


Spirituality is common and natural for all young people.  


The everyday experiences that our pupils will encounter will be to ask the ‘big questions’ and allow them to explore the awe and wonder of the world around us. Spiritual experiences will offer time and space to consider topics that are possibly unknown or challenging as concepts but central to the development of individual values and beliefs. The experiences will explicitly develop our pupils intellectually, emotionally and morally. They will learn to pause, consider, and listen to encourage inspiration to learn more and develop wisdom through reflection. They will know how to affirm their thoughts, feel rooted in self belief and have the courage to lead change for the better.


Children and staff have explored their own feelings and ideas of spirituality. They have shared their own expressions on classrooms, Collective Worship and in staff meetings.


Staff have created their own definition of spirituality:


Spirituality is our unconscious feelings of who we are, what we love and care for. It brings us together to respect each other’s differences and values, with love and acceptance. It suggests there is more to life than just what we experience, connecting with something greater than ourselves.