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"Be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love".

1 Corinthians 16 vs 13-14

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Inclusion and SEND

We are a Christian school and as a church school have a strong Christian ethos of care, empathy and understanding, aiming to ensure that each child is cared for holistically. We provide an environment where every child is valued and given the right support to help them reach their full potential. Each child’s ability, aptitudes, gifts and talents are encouraged and we work together to develop these skills and provide the nurture and support all children (and their families) need whilst they are with us. The Head Teacher, staff and governors at St Mary's C of E are fully committed to the integration and inclusion of every child.


St Mary's C of E Primary have set the following goals:

• Our children will reach their full potential

• Our children will make ‘at least’ expected progress in line with their starting points

• Our children will have a positive sense of self image and worth, with high aspirations

• Our children will learn to be organised, confident and articulate.


Our SEN Information Plan outlines our approach to supporting children with special educational needs, which is lead by our SENDCo, Mrs Laura Oakes.  Contact details for Mrs Oakes and other key professionals can be found in our SEND Information Plan below.

How do we support your child?

  • SEND School offer 2023

  • SEND policy and Information report 2023

  • Parental Information on SEN 

  • SEN Code of Practice

  • Flow chart for parents about how we support their children


Our local offer of special needs is a report which all schools are required to have and sets out the facilities and expertise we have at St Mary's C of E Primary School.

School SEND Policy 2023-24

SEN School Information Plan 2023-24