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Year 5

Week beginning 20th July-Week 2 of summer holiday

Hello Year 5,

So am hoping that you have all enjoyed your first official week of the summer holiday. It's been good weather for getting out and about! Mrs Webster, Mrs Sisson, Mrs Cliffe and I have tried the new Farm Shop Cafe on Bartholomew's Road, near to school, and have seen some of you there, which was an added bonus!!

Have posted the new White Rose Maths for the week and also a reading comprehension for you to try. The answers are there also, to support you, if needed.

Have a lovely week,

Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster

Trees comprehension

Week beginning 13th July: Week one of the summer holiday


Hello Year 5,

So it's the first week of the summer holiday......and many of you have been working hard since "lockdown"  so deserve a break! But it would be good to keep up those basic skills like regular reading and times tables practice so that Year 6 won't come as too much of a shock!! You will all have your grammar booklets and Rivers booklets by now, so when you get a moment, take a look and work through these at your own pace. For those of you who are enjoying White Rose Maths, you will find the next four lessons below, along with the video tutorials and answers.

Have a super week,

Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster

Home Learning Week Beginning 6th July

What strange times!! We have reached the end of term and the end of an extraordinary year!! Who would have thought that back in March, the school year would have ended like it has? We feel really saddened that we only got to spend a few months of learning time together, but I hope that as a Year 6, you will feel able to pop in to see us and let us know how you are and what you have been doing. We're counting on it!!

So this week you will find the usual White Rose Maths Lessons-polygons, 3D shapes, reflection and translation of shapes.

You will also find two more countries to investigate.....what do you really know about England? And discover the mysteries of India.

I hope that you have all received your learning packs for the next few weeks. If not they will be delivered this week.

Have a super duper summer.

Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster

England and India

Home Learning week beginning 29th June

Hello Year 5,

Well it is Sunday again already and time for me to add this week's Home learning. White Rose Maths takes you through using a protractor to measure the size of angles accurately. I will leave some protractors in the Year 5 tray at school for you to borrow if you need to. The new "Talk for Write" booklet is out- and is all about Elves and Sprites! I did not know that Sprites were the smaller cousins of Elves or that Cave Elves could be dangerous if approached because they can't see very well! As usual, you will be introduced to some new vocabulary to match up. Do you know what a tinge is or what a hermit is?

If you enjoyed last week's booklets on Japan and Brazil, you might like to look at this week's booklets on Iceland and Australia. If any of these "taster" booklets inspire you to find out more about a country, you might like to do a project on it, like we did with The Netherlands and Spain at the start of "lockdown". If you do, please email it to us as we are keen to know what you have been doing since we last saw you.

Have a super week,

Keep cheery and stay safe,

Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster

Elves and Sprites Talk for Write

Home Learning for week beginning 22nd June

Hello again Year 5,

We hope that you have had another good week! What a mixed bag of weather!!… minute we are all so hot we don't know how to cool down and the next we are avoiding the heavy showers and jumping in puddles! (especially Maddie!!)

Did any of you take up the sports challenge? We had a good go in school and sent our scores off to be judged. This week there are more sporting challenges- The virtual schools championship!! Click on the link below and see what you can achieve!!

Some of you are doing so well keeping up with your learning and we were pleased to see that Lucy Moore has been logging all her reading minutes. Fabulous!  Has anyone else read any of the Poppy Pym books? 

At the start of Lockdown, we sent home some projects to do about Spain and The Netherlands and many of you have enjoyed finding out about these countries. If you enjoyed these, you may like some puzzle/research booklets that have been produced for you to find out more about other countries. Find the link for Brazil and Japan underneath the Maths and English for this week.

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster






Home Learning for week beginning June 15th

Hello Year 5,

Don't these weeks seem to fly by - it only seems like yesterday that we were loading last week's Maths and English resources! We hope that you have had a good week despite the cooler, wetter weather- remember, the plants in the gardens and fields need the rain and it was slightly refreshing! 

It was lovely to talk to so many of you on the telephone and to hear about the activities you have been doing like: PE challenges, long bike rides and fishing! It was great looking through Maddie's purple Home Learning book that she sent into school, and I know many more of you have been having-a-go at the work we set before "lockdown" and the work we add each week! Well done, you!!

So this week, you might be continuing with the Wonderful Wizards reading/writing booklet. I know lots of you have made your Top Trumps Wizardry cards and it would be great if we all brought them back to school to have a game with them, at some point!!

In maths, we are looking at fractions as percentages! Remember "per cent" means out of a hundred, and fractions as percentages becomes much easier! This repeats some of the work from earlier in the "lockdown" so if you have already completed the unit, please contact school on Mon or Tues for alternative work.


Have a lovely week,

Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster


Home Learning for Week beginning 8th June

Hello Year 5,

We do hope that you are all keeping well and making the most of your time away from school. How lovely to get emails from some of you keeping us informed of the activities and the work that you have been doing at home.  Now that some of the year groups are back in school, Mrs Webster and I are also in school, on our usual days, working with groups, so if we can help you in any way, please give school a call. 

This week's White Rose Maths work helps reinforce an understanding of decimals and fractions and the New Talk4Write booklet is fantastic and full of wizardry!!! Make your own Top Trump Wizard cards, write your own spells and learn what it might be like in Wizard School. Don't forget to send in your ideas.


For those of you who are feeling competitive, Melton Schools Games are running a "virtual competition" with 6 challenges. To see what they are and for more details, click on the Sports Tab (just below the Class Pages). Send in your scores to Mrs Webster or myself and we shall see who has the most accurate throw and the longest throw, who can jump the furthest distance or run the fastest! Good luck!


Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster

Talk4Write Wonderful Wizards

Home Learning Week Beginning 1st June

Hello Class 5!

Welcome to the final half of the summer term. You've done so well so far- keep up the good work and you will be ready for Year 6! 

The Talk for Write packs continue this week-assuming that you took a well-earned half-term break last week and a new booklet will be out for next Monday.

White Rose Maths lessons are continuing with fraction work. Watch the videos carefully and do your best!

Keep smiling, keep safe and we hope to talk to you all soon.

Mrs Webster and Miss Hubbard


Home Learning - Week Beginning Monday 18th May 2020


We are hope that you and your families are continuing to keep safe and well at home.  Below you will find the links for this week's White Rose Maths (Week 5).  Please get in touch if you have any problems!  The new Talk for Writing English booklet is here also.....What would you wish for if you had 3 peace?....a Ferrari?.......cures for all illnesses?.........  There is another English daily resource linked below which you also might like to try.


Mrs Webster and Miss Hubbard




Talk4Write Booklet 3

Home Learning - Week Beginning Monday 11th May 2020


We hope you are all getting on well and were able to get involved with some VE day celebrations at home.

Below are the links to White Rose Maths.  The website only published weeks 1-3 for free home access so please find week 4 (this week) below. There is a link to the videos, the worksheets and the answer sheets.


Don't forget to keep letting us know what you have been doing via email or uploading things to the class padlet.


Take care,


Mrs Webster and Miss Hubbard


For those of you who are looking for new activities to keep fit, Mrs Rolls-Drew recommends having a look at the following websites.

The first one, has video tips for keeping active. The second one sets mini challenges for you as an individual, or you against a member of your family (if you love being competitive!) The third website is for the more serious workout; aerobics/yoga/fitness but also has belly dancing for the beginner!!

Have fun and keep active.


Madame Musson has recorded a short French dialogue for you to have a listen to, then try to answer the questions.



Still image for this video


This week's French role play is about directions. Listen carefully and try to answer these questions:

1. What is the young lady looking for?

2. Describe the route she should take to find it.

3. On which side of the road is the place she's looking for?

4. Which building will she pass on her way?

5. The young lady asks a second question. What does she want to know?

6. How long will it take to get there?


Bonne Chance

Madame Musson

Home Learning : Week Beginning Monday 4th May 2020


Thank you again for some lovely updates and photographs of your activities this week.  We hope you are all finding the Padlet useful to share ideas.  Remember you can write your own post - just click the + symbol and write about what you have been doing and attach any photos you may have too.  Don't forget to tell us who you are!


Below you will find a link to the next fortnight of English activities in the Talk For Writing Booklets.  There is also the link below to continue the maths lessons with White Rose.  These have been another useful resource.  If you are struggling with a particular question or concept please do email one of us and we will try to help where we can.   


We are also able to exchange reading books if you have finished your current ones.  Please email one of us to arrange this.  Send photographs of your reading journal entries so we can add your minutes to the Daily 10 charts too.


Keep up all your efforts everyone!

Home Learning: Weeks beginning 20th April 2020 and 27th April 2020


Thank you for all the super pictures and comments you have sent us so far on the class Padlet.  It is really lovely to see what you have been up to.  Below is your home learning guidance for this week.  Try to do a variety of subjects where you can and do a little bit each day to keep your brains active.  Complete any work you can in your home learning book and feel free to send us your work via email.


Mrs Webster and Miss Hubbard

During the school closure, we would still like to keep in touch with you as much as possible.  We've created a padlet (link below) where we will share links to activities you might want to try and will try to update this often.  Please do email pictures of things that you have been doing (even things not in your pack) and comment on the padlet boxes if you want to.

Remember the email or if you have any questions or want to share with us what you have been doing.

Spread the word to your classmates too!



Mrs Webster


Welcome to Year 5!


We are delighted to welcome you to the class page for Year 5.  Here you will find out about the curriculum topics we are currently learning about and some timetable information you may find useful.


Miss Hubbard teaches the class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Mrs Webster teaches the class on Thursdays and Fridays.  Please feel free to pop in and see us to discuss any concerns or queries you have - our door is always open.


Timetable information:

- P.E. kits are required on Fridays and Wednesdays put it is useful to have them in school every day in case needed.

- Homework is given out on a Friday and due back the following Thursday.  

- Children should be reading to themselves on a daily basis and recording this in their reading records.  Please sign these entries to help count the minutes to their Daily 10 challenge.



Academic Year 2019/2020 - Topic Map