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Year 5

Monday 30th November 2020

Hello Year 5,


Below you will find a document for those of you having to self-isolate at home whilst the rest of the class are in school this week.  It is an activity log for your second five days of remote learning.  The Geography work ends in a quiz so when you have submitted your answers and got the results please send them to Miss Hubbard.


This document is also up on Teams in 'Files', 'Class Materials', 'Individual Self-Isolators'.  Please aim to complete your work and either upload it to Teams or email it to one of us by 6pm each day.


Take care of yourselves,


Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster

Remote Learning Plan for week beginning 30th November

Individual Pupils Learning Log for Days 1-5 of self-isolation

Monday 23rd November

Morning Year 5,

Sorry we won't be meeting in school today but it is important that you take a look at the work that we have set for you to do at home. Click on the links and watch the video tutorials. Then have-a-go at the independent tasks so that we can discuss these either online in Teams or when we are back together in class.

Mrs Webster and Miss Hubbard

Tasks for Monday 23rd November


English Task 

Learn the Word Class Rap that the teacher demonstrates. 

Complete the worksheet below. 


After the tutorial video,  jot down the perimeters of the shapes shown on some paper that you have dated. 


Answer the questions on the slides and take the quiz to see what you have learnt. 




Y5 Autumn Term 1 and 2 Curriculum Map

Welcome to Year 5! (2020/2021)


We hope you are all enjoying being back in school - we are delighted to see how well you are all settling in to the new routines.


Just a couple of reminders for this term:


- Brass will be continuing for the whole class on a Friday afternoon until half term.  After half term you have the opportunity to carry on if you would like to in the KS2 'continuation' class which will be a mixture of Y5 and 6 pupils.  Instruments are allowed to be taken home to be practised but please make sure they are in school on Fridays for the lesson.


- P.E is being taught on Mondays and Wednesdays.  On these days make sure you have a pair of trainers/PE shoes in school to change in to.  You are welcome to wear comfy trousers/leggings/shorts for school whilst we are currently unable to change into PE kits too.


If you have any problems or questions then please feel free to contact the school office or email one of us at


Miss Hubbard and Mrs Webster