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Year 4

SPRING LOCKDOWN 2021 - WEEK TWO w/c Monday 11th January


Hi Everyone,


Well done for all of your efforts last week - it's great to have so many of you on the calls. Remember to keep sending your work to me, either via email or via the *NEW* assignment feature using your own Teams 'class notebook'.


There have been technical issues with teams so if you are still struggling to log on, please note the work below:



English - read chapter 4 'Pugs of the Frozen North' and summarise the chapter using a bullet point list (for the last time!)

Maths - Lesson 5 - Multiply by 1 and 0

Science - lesson 1 on 'Sound' - worksheet available in files or via assignment


MONDAY 11th:

English - read chapter 3 'Pugs of the Frozen North' and summarise the chapter using a bullet point list. Draw images.

Maths - Lesson 4 - Divide by 100 

Geography - Ancient Greeks          ***Please scroll down for files, worksheets and links for all lessons***


Please remember to read for 15 minutes and to practise your spellings too - test on Wednesday as usual! 


If Teams IS working, our lessons will occur as usual at: 10:00am (English), 11:30am (Maths) and 1pm Geography, 2pm End of day catch up.  Please note that I will be based in the Year 4 classroom each day, so if you have any urgent queries, please contact me via the office.


Keep up the great work,

Mrs RD.

Support Group Lesson 1 - Add two 2-digit numbers - not crossing 10

Lesson 4 - Divide by 100

Home learning details for year 4 w/c 23rd November

Week commencing 23rd November


Hi Year 4


As we are now going to be home learning for the next 2 weeks - all of the files you will need are in the file section of your Teams account. We will have meetings each day to run through each day's activities.


Our first meeting is at 10:30 today - please press the 'join' button which can be accessed via the invite on the 'posts' page. Subsequent meetings today are at: 11:30 and 2:00.


Please find below a letter and further information for this week.


Should you need to contact me - please do so via email at


Hope to see you online today!

Mrs Rolls-Drew.

Hello year 4


Please find below the year 4 curriculum map for Autumn 2020 and a copy of the welcome to year 4 newsletter which I sent out on w/c 31st August.


The class have all settled very well back into school life and I'd like to thank you all for supporting the children with such a great start to year 4. Please remember that I may be contacted at should you need to do so.


Kind regards

Mrs RD.

Hello to my new Year 4 class of 2020-21!


I hope that you have all had a great summer break and are looking forward to coming back to school for the new term. I know it has been a looooong time that you have been away from the classroom, but I am certain that once you get back with all of your friends and the staff, things will soon feel normal again.


If you need to contact me, my email address is:


I am really looking forward to teaching you this year and look forward to seeing your smiley faces very soon! 

Bye for now, 

Mrs Rolls-Drew (AKA Mrs RD)

Hi everyone!


Thanks to all of you who have emailed back in reply to the email I sent to you. It was great to hear from you, I will write back again later in the week. I enjoyed hearing what you have been up to and seeing the work and pictures that you sent to me.


Well done to all of you who entered the poetry and sports competition! I am waiting to hear the resuls of the virtual competition this week  . After reading the poetry entries, I can announce that the winners are...


...1st place... Kaci 

...2nd place... Maria   ... prizes will be dropped round later in the week. Well done girls!


I will share the winning poem on Padlet for you to read.


Work for this week - we're onto week 9 of the White Rose - note that you may have completed lesson 1/2 - so look at the alternative sheets. It's about £ this week - very useful to know!


There is a new English Unit attached called 'The ultimate guide to goblins' which you might fancy. For a change, I have also included some booklets on different places in the world you might like to learn more about. Australia is one of them and that is one of my favourite places to visit. See if you can learn about somewhere new - I'd love to see your work to find out what you've learnt.


Stay safe and keep smiling - almost the summer break now!

Email if you need anything...

Mrs RD x

Home Learning w/c 21st June


Hi everyone

Hope you are keeping well and are still smiling! I know it has been a while, who would have thought that this lockdown would have resulted in us being apart for so long !

I am delighted that the weather is looking a lot brighter for this week - it means you can get out and enjoy some sunshine - hooray! 

For maths work, I have uploaded the week 8 worksheets below. If you have already completed (it was our week 3 decimal work), then select the alternative work instead - remember to watch the video links if you need help on the topic. The English units on Impossibly Possible Bookshop or Secret Spies should be completed for English work.


Poetry competition! If you check out our year 4 Padlet page you can read a 'rap' written by the keyworker kids in school and it inspired me to run a year 4 poetry competition. So, get your light-hearted Covid poems into me by Friday to be in with a chance to win some prizes!


Sports competition - virtual championships! See the school sports page on our school website for details of the Leicestershire competiton being run this week. All events can be entered by EVERYONE even at home or in your garden - so have a go at at least one event from each category. Submit your entries to me by midday on Friday 26th to be entered in the county results. Prizes to be won for this too!


Good luck and keep smiling (oh and keep an eye out for a personal email from me to you!)

Bye for now

Mrs RD.

Home learning w/c 15th June


Lovely to speak to lots of you last week, either in school or on the phone. I love hearing what you have been up to.


For English - you may continue with the Mission Possible or the Impossibly Possible Bookshop units. I'd love to see what you've been writing, so email your writing to me by taking a photo or drop it into the office.


For maths - we're onto week 7 of the White Rose learning - I have uploaded the video links which you can watch for each lesson if you need a little help.


For something different - have a look at the top file and see if you can make a character slinky of yourself, your family or maybe your favourite book character. What wow words can you choose to describe them? 


Have a great week! 

Mrs RD.


PS. Don't forget to get your top scores to me for the Virtual School Games by FRIDAY AT MIDDAY! Good Luck!

(See School Sports page for more details)

Home learning w/c 8th June


Hi year 4, 

I hope that you are keeping well. Thanks to all those children who have sent me work to read - it has been great to see what you have been doing and how hard you are working at home . I am in school each Monday and Tuesday if you need to contact me - or send me an email and I will reply when I can. It has been great that some of you have written to me and sent pictures of your work and fun activities.


Work for next week includes a new Talk for Write booklet about an 'Impossibly Possible Bookshop' - which involves exploring goblins and includes making a miniature, model, goblin world - I'd love to see your creations!


Also, Melton School Games are running a virtual competition with 6 challenges - have a look on the School Sports Tab - just beneath the class pages for more details and send me your top scores - who will be the champion thrower, the champion jumper and the champion runners in year 4?


Keep working hard and make sure you have a go at the Virtual sports competition - emailing me your high scores.

Bye for now, Mrs RD

Home Learning w/c 1st June


Hi Year 4!


I hope that you have had a great half term break? Why not send me a letter or an email to let me know what you have been up to? It would be great to hear from you.


I have moved into my new house now, we have emptied some of the boxes and spent time de-weeding the garden. It is good to finally be in. What exciting news do you have to share?


Work for this week is to finish the Secret Spies booklet for English and to continue with the next lessons of White Rose Maths which are below.


Have a good week and don't forget to write!

Mrs RD. 

Home Learning w/c 18th May


Hi Everyone


I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well. It has been lovely to catch up with lots you over the phone recently - if you have missed a call from me, feel free to send me an email with some of your work - I'd love to read it and see what you have been up to. 


Please find below some links to this week's new English booklet - this time it is about some secret spies which sounds interesting! For the maths, you should be able to move onto Summer term week 4 - these worksheets need to be downloaded by the school. As soon as I can, I will upload the files below - there are copies in reception too for anyone who needs them.


Please keep in touch via e-mail or Padlet - it's always great to hear from you. 


Mrs RD

Home learning w/c 11th May


Hi everyone,


I hope you had a good week last week and managed to enjoy the bank holiday sunshine.


For this week, finish off the second English pack on 'Amazing Aliens' and if you are on track with the White Rose Maths - you should be on Summer week 2 this week. The maths work, from now on, are single lessons and they tie in with the BBC Bitesize lessons from 4th May - so if you got a bit lost with decimals, now is a good time to get back on track with some other topics. Have a look at the work on money, mulitplication and division (summer week 2 and week 3).


I know how much you all  geography... so I've attached three different mapping activities for you to choose from. Choose the level of difficulty that suits you and label the maps using an atlas or a map from the internet.


Mrs Musson has created another French clip for us - see what you can translate - you might need to ask an adult for help if you get stuck .


If you have some extra energy, I have added some PE ideas to stay active while you are at home. Perhaps you can run a PE lesson for your family or write your own workout? 


Keep posting on Padlet!

Bye for now, Mrs RD. 

FRENCH - Mrs Musson and Verity - Conversation Two

Still image for this video

This week's French role play is about directions. Listen carefully and try to answer these questions:
1. What is the young lady looking for?
2. Describe the route she should take to find it.
3. On which side of the road is the place she's looking for?
4. Which building will she pass on her way?
5. The young lady asks a second question. What does she want to know?
6. How long will it take to get there?

Bonne Chance
Madame Musson



Ideas to stay active while you are at home. Perhaps you can run a PE lesson for your family or write your own workout?


Home Learning for w/c 4th May 2020


Hi everyone! 


I hope you are keeping well? Thank you to those children who have sent their work for to me... it has been great to see what you have been busy doing at home. For those who haven't yet, it would be fab to email me a copy or photo of your work, or drop it in at the school office. My email address is:  I'd love to see what work you've been getting on with.


There is a new English booklet to complete - I will post the link below. This time the year 4 unit is about 'Amazing Aliens'.


For the maths work - please carry on using the white rose home learning link, starting from week 1, then moving through each week. Some of you will be starting the summer term units this week - let me know how you are getting on.


Mrs Musson and her daughter have filmed a conversation in French - can you answer the questions at the end and send them to me?


I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Mrs RD. x

French conversation starring Mrs Musson and Verity!

Still image for this video

Please watch the video clip and see if you can answer the questions at the end. Send your answers to me for checking.

Merci et tres bien!


Home Learning Resources for April 2020


Please find below some additional learning for you to complete while you are at home. Read the information online via the links and complete any work in the home learning book you have been given.  Please contact me via email if you have any problems.


Take care and keep those brains ticking, Mrs RD.

Hello year 4 class and parents/carers, 

You'll be pleased to know our learning is going very well in year 4 - I am so proud of how much information the children are able to recall from our time together.


Just a few timetable reminders...


  • Spellings will be issued and tested on Wednesdays each week - please be sure to practise them in your spelling journals which should be kept in your bags so you can access them at both school and home.
  • Our learning of the times tables is ongoing, please spend time learning them. The more you practise the easier you'll find them. All children have been given a TT Rockstars account and login - please encourage them to log on and have a go. Remember that we're aiming to know them all (up to 12x12) by May 2020!
  • PE kits - please make sure your children has their PE kit in school from the start until the end of term. You are welcome to wash it mid-term at the weekend, but they do need it in school every day as you never know when we might squeeze in an extra PE session! Typically our PE sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • If your child attends an after-school club, please be sure that you contact reception if they are unable to attend for any reason. This will avoid any confusion when the after-school register is taken by someone running the session as they will be expecting your child to arrive every week (unless they have been off sick all day).


Please remember that you are welcome to pop in for a chat anytime (after school is usually best as this allows more time) or you can leave a message with the office and I will call after school hours.


Thank you for your continued support towards making this another great year.

Mrs Rolls-Drew.

Loving learning in year 4...

Twycross Zoo


Summer term curriculum