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Year 3

 Welcome to the Power Crystals page.

We have been so busy this term learning, here's what we have been doing so far;

writing stories, using place value for addition and subtraction, investigating particles in Science, how to greet someone in French, inventing potions, designing and painting potion bottles, exploring how God makes us feel, learning how Tudors used herbs for medicine, making plague masks, rugby/football skills, swimming, learning the ukele/recorder and street dance.

Wow, what a lot so far and we still have 2 weeks to go!

On Monday the 27th March we all visited the Thinktank museum in Birmingham.

Here are some photos of the day!


Thinktank  1
Thinktank  2
Thinktank  3
Thinktank  4
Thinktank  5
Thinktank  6