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Reception Class

Diwali  28.10.2016


Gruffaloes had a super, creative afternoon. Mrs Patel and her daughter Aanya came in and talked to the children about the Diwali story, how Diwali is celebrated and traditional Indian dress. The children made coconut sweets, coloured rangoli and henna patterns and made saris for finger puppets. Everyone had a busy and very exciting afternoon.

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Ooh la la!                                                13th October 2016


Today we have been learning the French words for please and thank you.

We tasted some French foods: croissants, brioche, camembert and brie.

We had to say ‘s’il vous plait’ and ‘merci’.

Mrs Musson was very impressed as most of us were brave enough to try the smelly, French cheeses!

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Welcome to Gruffaloes

We are so excited about welcoming the children into Gruffaloes! We know they will have a fantastic first year of school.

This half term we are learning all about our amazing bodies. We will be finding out what the different parts of our bodies are called, how they work and how they move. We will also be finding out about our 5 senses. There will be lots of fun activities based around this topic.

Each week we have a daily literacy session where we look at a big book which is normally related to our topic. We also have a daily phonics session where we learn our letter sounds. Learning these sounds help us to read and write.

After play we have a numeracy session. This half term we will be looking at numbers to ten. The children will be counting, writing and ordering these numbers. We will also be investigating shapes, size and pattern. Each week the children will also have weekly continuous indoor and outdoor activities for us such as painting, playdough, cutting and sticking and games. What a busy time we all have!


PE for Gruffloes will be on a Wednesday afternoon. We will be focusing on ball skills, balancing and moving.  Please can children have PE kits in school at all times. PE kit needs to be clearly named. Long hair needs to be tied back and earings removed on PE days or tape provided.


Please feel free to come in and discuss any concerns with Mrs Musson or myself.


Many thanks

Mrs Oakes