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Mrs Peberdy our Office Manager deals with queries from parents and other members of the public. To speak to Mrs Peberdy or a member of the office team, please call the school office on: 01664 562500 or email:


Mrs Oakes is our Special Educational Needs coordinator and can be contacted via the school office or email:


Ms. Morris is the headteacher and can also be contacted via the school office or email:


Our Chair of Governors is Mr. Derek Cullen. He is contactable via the school office or by emailing:


Executive Headteacher: Ms L. Morris
Head of School: Mrs L. Oakes
SENCO: Mrs L. Oakes
Chair of Governors: Mr D. Cullen

Year 6 Class Teacher: Mr P. Galvin & Deputy Headteacher

Year 6 Class Teacher, SLT English Lead and Deputy Headteacher: Mrs C. Ainge
Year 5 Class Teacher and Library Lead: Mrs R. Webster 
Year 5 Class Teacher and Music Lead: Miss H. Hubbard 
Year 4 Class Teacher and Sports Lead: Mrs F. Rolls-Drew 

Year 3 Class Teacher and Science Lead: Mrs S. Oakley

Year 2 Class Teacher and Maths Lead: Miss H Cheyney
Year 1 Class Teacher: Mrs L Oakes & Mr C Priestley
EYFS Teacher : Mrs F. Port & Mrs D. Musson
Office Manager: Mrs S. Peberdy
School Administrator: Mrs K. Bird
Support Staff :

Mrs L. Cliffe

Mrs S. Fendell

Mrs J. Fields

Mrs C. Hull

Mrs L. Mower

Miss M. Bonser

Mrs Z. Pole

Mrs H. Purkins

Mrs H. Sisson

Mrs R. Smith

Mrs E. Tymanskyj

Mrs K. Plimmer

Mrs C. Lilley

Miss C. Fendell

Miss K Brightwell
Premises Officer: Mr J. Sherlock

Assistant Premises Officer: Miss E. Morris-Geary

To contact any of the above please use the school email or telephone number as below:
Telephone: 01664 562500